Sustainable Crossbody Phonecase + Detachable Strap - Black/Coral

Sustainable Crossbody Phonecase + Detachable Strap - Black/Coral

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Crossbody phonecase, 100 % bio-degradable & compostable.

The phonecase is single molded and combined with our OEKO TEX certified, detachable cord. Both ends have stylish and colored metal carabiner that easily attaches to your phone case and makes detaching your phone or switching cords quick and easy.

The length is also adjustable to fit your needs. This covetable case is made of 100% PLA and finished with the brand logo, making it truly special.

PLA is a bio-degradable material based on renewable resources (e.g. straw, corn starch, tapioca roots or sugarcane)


Please note

- This product is assembled by hand. Scratches may occur from the metal trims or particles that can get inside the case. Handle with care and at own risk

- Metal trims are in matt black, scratches may occur.